Tuchi Ramirez



Latin roots, grown up surrounded by an artistic environment, traveled all over the world…

With a degree in Fine Arts and Graphic Design in Colombia and Belgium, Marta “Tuchi” Ramirez dedicated most of her life in Colombia as a graphic artist. For 20 years she managed her family printing company, specializing in packaging design and production.

Tuchi is fluent in Spanish, English and French.

When she came to Canada in 2001, in addition to her graphic design profession, Tuchi’s partner and husband, veteran voice actor, Stan Campbell, coached her

in the mastery of narration. In a short time Tuchi became an acclaimed voice actor for diverse projects in Spanish, and in English with Spanish accent, worldwide. 

Following a successful career as a graphic and packaging designer, Tuchi Ramirez felt inspired to return to her artistic roots, by creating distinctive art techniques such as textiles, ceramics, papier maché, jewelry design, etc., combined with her voiceover work, which has become one of her passions.

Her computer expertise will be simply an extra tool to help her spread the story of her work, while her artistic skills will satisfy her creative imagination.