Tuchi Ramirez

Translation Service


We offer professional translation and localization service: English to Spanish and Spanish to English.

In our company, zipspots.com, we also provide radio & TV script copywriting in English and Spanish, and flawless script translation to Spanish, and English.

Our writers and translators have had life experience in international trade business and travel with countries all over the world.

Accuracy, precision and fast response, is our goal.  We know how a wrong translation can damage a client’s image! You can count on getting your English to Spanish and Spanish to English translations, grammatically and technically correct.

We advise our clients to not trust online translation applications to create their translations. They are almost always laughably incorrect. You could send potential customers away by demonstrating that you don’t care about their native language.

We also offer perfect Spanish native-non-regional dialect Spanish and English voiceover service.